Satellite Internet
Solarsat can arrange your choice of satellite internet package, order the correct equipment and set up your account to get your online demands working in no time. No waiting for BT

Openreach just deal with us direct!.

Broadband Anywhere. No Phone Line Required.

As long as you are within our service footprints and have somewhere to install our dish with a clear view of the southern sky you can get our broadband service.

Our service is compatible with any computer that has a network connection and by using a router you can even share the service with multiple computers.

We use SES, Europe’s leading provider of satellite services, to deliver SBBS (SES Broadband Service) via SES’s ASTRA satellites – so not only can you experience the
same reliability as Sky TV but you can also receive Sky or Freesat from the same dish.

In fact, with our VOIP option you can even use a UK VOIP service over the satellite connection.

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